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Childhood to 2012-ish :)

Hi… my name is Lexy and this is a little history about me and my life in regards to weight.
Here I am as a child in Kindergarten. I remember being fairly confident with lots of happiness and support at home. I was always referred to as a “tomboy” because I loved playing sports… and that didn’t bother me one bit!  I was usually out playing football, baseball, or basketball with the boys in my neighborhood. This picture cracks me up because I was the farthest thing from a cheerleader! – 1979


My senior year on the Varsity Basketball Team – 1992

During my senior year, I injured my knee and required total ACL reconstruction. Over the period of about 6 weeks, I lost approximately 20-25 pounds. My guess is that I lost a lot of muscle weight due to inactivity. This is probably the first time in my life that the idea of my “weight” even entered my mind. I had never even considered being on or going on a diet…. EVER! I remember several people commenting on how good I looked and how “skinny” I had gotten. I was roughly 125 lbs. – 1992
This is a picture of my brother (our water boy) and I at my Senior Basketball Banquet.


I’m guessing I was around 135 lbs at college… I wouldn’t know
because I never dieted or cared about it…
Fast forward several years… I  had gotten married and had 2 children…. both boys… ages approximately 7yrs and 5yrs. I was 188 lbs!
I was miserable.
I never wanted to go anywhere… didn’t want anyone to see me… I dyed my hair dark brown…
One of the worst days of my life is when my Grandma saw me from across the yard and commented to me, “Wow, you have really gotten fat.”
Now … as a Grandma,  I know that she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings… but those words cut straight to the heart.
I cried and cried after she left.
I remember thinking that I could NEVER change and it would be so hard!!!  I was devastated when I read the number on my scale…. 188 lbs!
(During both of my pregnancies I had gotten up to the 200 lb mark, but I didn’t care because I was “pregnant”)
But now… my baby was 5 years old… what was my excuse?
– 2005


These are several pictures that were taken during my heaviest years. I was mortified every time someone would point a camera in my direction.


My husband is a Chiropractor. Can you imagine having a husband in the health and wellness field and looking the way I looked? I was so embarrassed to meet his patients, I never wanted to be seen at his office. I would go in early or after hours to do paperwork to avoid being seen. I felt so bad for him because I was so depressed that a lot of times I took out my anger at myself on him. I was blaming others for my own unhappiness.


Here we are on a cruise after I had gotten down to approximately 168 lbs… 2007


One of my lifelong dreams was to run a full marathon. I ran the Country Music Marathon in April 2007.  A full 26.2 mile marathon!!! It was a huge confidence builder for me. I love running and I felt very good about this…. I could feel myself gaining confidence. 165 lbs

First Marathon Time – 5 hrs 15 mins


Over the next year, I got down to 143 lbs just in time for a vacation to the West Indies to visit one of my best friends!!! I was also training for my second marathon and was able to run 11 miles while on vacation that stretched from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

It is by far one of my favorite runs in my life!


PS – I shaved off an entire hour of my second marathon! Finished in 4 hrs 15 minutes!



I have been eating the foods I love and learning even more about portion sizes, power foods, and exercise.  I have experimented with new vegetable and meal ideas and taken new work out classes, including Body Pump and Bikram Yoga.  I lost another 20 lbs!!!

April 2011 – 145 lbs

June 2011 – 137

Comparison Pics

summer 2003 – summer 2011


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