Aunt Windy

Aunt Windy has an AMAZING weight loss journey! One of the qualities that I have always admired is her ability to go about her business without calling attention to herself. We actually nicknamed her the “silent ninja!!” She has been so diligent and determined and her hard work has paid off big time!! I asked her if she would answer a few more questions because I know we can all benefit from her experience!!

How did you feel when you realized you had reached your goal?

I was really excited to reach my goal since I am no longer considered to be medically obese or overweight.

photo7 Aunt Windy Reaches Her Weight Watchers Goal!!!

How long did it take you?

From the first onset it has taken me four years to lose 86 pounds.


Did you face any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?

I suffered a short setback when I broke my ankle about one year ago but this was easier to overcome than my old eating habits.

I have learned your body craves its old appetites and habits, even if they are unhealthy for you.  It is a matter of mind over matter and I had to continuously remind myself that I was making headway.  The written record and chart of my weight loss helped me immeasurably.


Which of your personal goals have you achieved? 

There are a lot of benefits to losing weight.  Besides the loss of physical pounds, your mind becomes clearer, your blood sugar levels, your clothes fit better, you look younger and you feel FANTASTIC! Better health was always my main personal goal for losing weight and I know my own health has greatly improved from four years ago.


Tell us about your first 5K? 

My first 5K race finished more quickly than expected and was more fun than anticipated.  Of course, it helped to have a group of friends and family to cheer you on.  Since everyone was competing with themselves instead of each other, the experience was positive instead of negative.  It also gave me a starting point for future races.

IMG 25901 682x1024 Aunt Windy Reaches Her Weight Watchers Goal!!!

IMG 25352 1024x682 Aunt Windy Reaches Her Weight Watchers Goal!!!


What has changed the most about you? 

My overall attitude about health and nutrition has changed the most.  Instead of dreading exercise and healthier habits, I actually look forward to the challenge.  This is because I feel incredibly strong and never wish to return to my former self.


What did you find hardest about reaching your goal? How did you overcome it?

Being consistent was the hardest part for me.  In our family there is always cause for a family celebration and food has always been a main attraction. Sticking with the plan through holidays and family events can be challenging but we have all become wiser in our choice of foods.  We all worked through this obstacle together and usually offer healthy options at our gatherings.


What led you to try a gluten-free diet? 

At the suggestion of my nephew, Dr. Torry Hinson/Chiropractor & Nutrionist, I tried cutting wheat from my diet.  As a result, my bloating has subsided and I have lost pounds and inches at a greater rate.  This is a brand new field for me as of one month ago and I am excited about experimenting with this concept.


What do you eat on an average day on program?

I eat protein, healthy oils,  milk, carbs, fruit, nuts, unlimited vegetables, and healthy snacks.


What are some of your favorite meals?

My favorites for breakfast:

*Vegetable omelet (one egg scrambled with onions, mushrooms and green bell pepper in one tsp of oil and lightly salted) and one slice of extra lean ham folded in corn tortilla.

*Vegetable omelet (as above), lean ham and 1/4 cup cooked oatmeal.

My favorites for lunch:

*3 oz catfish cooked with 1 tsp of oil, two cups of cabbage slaw with 1/2 cup of tomatoes and splash of Kraft fat free Italian dressing.

*3 oz 96% lean ground beef with cabbage slaw (as above).

*one can of water-packed tuna fish, drained, with one tbsp Miracle Whip, one diced egg and 1/2 cup diced tomatoes.

*McDonald’s Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and 1/3 packet of the dressing.

*Mooyah iceburger with mustard, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

My favorites for dinner:

*4 oz broiled pork chop, 1/2 cup sweet potato and organic fresh green beans.

*3 oz broiled sirloin steak, 1/2 cup organic white potatoes, and organic baby carrots.

*5 oz baked chicken, 1/2 cup pinto beans cooked with garlic, yellow squash.

*Spring Creek BBQ chicken, green beans and mini cob of corn.

*Egg Drop Soup, Ginger Salad and Beef with Broccoli.

*Beef Fajita Salad with dressing on the side (just don’t eat the bowl).

*Grilled Shrimp with vegetable medley and green salad.

*Cheddar’s Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Salad.

My favorite snacks:

*96% fat free popcorn

*8 nuts (pecans, almonds and walnuts)

*1/2 square Godiva chocolate (70% cocoa)

*mini tootsie pop

*Pringles fat free Light Sour Cream & Onion potato chips made with Olean

*Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies made by Kinnikinnick Foods

*Fat free organic chocolate milk

*Dentyne fire gum

*Banana squirted with fat free Reddi wip and drizzled with chocolate syrup

*Dreyer’s fat free Ice Cream


Any tips for those that share you goal?

Surround yourself with positive people and with those who really care about you. Losing weight for many of us is challenging in itself along with balancing it with the rest of your life.

 Aunt Windy Reaches Her Weight Watchers Goal!!!

 Aunt Windy Reaches Her Weight Watchers Goal!!!