I went to college in Idaho.  I drove back and forth from Rexburg, ID to Pasadena, TX at the end/beginning of each semester.  Sometimes I would take I-10 West and turn North somewhere around Phoenix and head up I-15… Other times I would take I-45 N through Dallas on the way to Kansas and take a left on I-80 West…. and the most memorable trip was when I took US-287 through Texas… passed through DUMAS (great memory) on up to Denver then hooked a left in Wyoming.  Each of these routes had me arriving to my final destination within hours of each other.  The point of all of this is that there are many ways you can get from where you are to where you want to be!  So as not to patronize you, I’m comparing traveling across country to reaching your healthy lifestyle goals! There are many ways to achieve these things.  You have the choice to decide how you are going to get there.

Once you decide…. GO FOR IT!


During my weight loss journey, I tried not to let confusion and other people’s opinions get me off track.  There were numerous options that might have gotten me to my goal faster… But I wanted to pick something that was in alignment with my lifestyle and something I would be able to follow long after achieving my goal.  And when different conversations would arise about other options that I could be persuing…  I just told myself to just keep doing what I was doing.  Slowly and steadily over time I would see changes.  Not all at once.  There were definitely weeks where I threw in the towel and got off track.  I gained weight, got frustrated, beat myself up over it, got discouraged, but always went back to my decision.


I hope that when you decide what path is right for you, that you have the confidence within yourself to follow through, know that it will take time, and never quit until you achieve your goals!  And then once you reach your goal… it doesn’t end… then you must endure!  :)  Oh, the fun of it all!