Have you ever heard women talk about how they “forget” what it was like to be in labor? Or they can’t remember how old their child was exactly when they got their first tooth? Or what did they feed their baby when they stopped nursing?  That’s the kind of the feeling I have about my early days of weight loss.  I know it was not easy for me.  I always had distractions, company in town, emotional eating, stress, boredom, comparing myself to others, doubts, etc.  I think the key is to never give up and keep learning through trial and error.  I am so glad that I at least documented some of my weight loss.  This way you can see that I didn’t just lose the weight effortlessly.  It was a struggle for me.  I lost, gained, lost, gained.
And I STILL HAVEN’T reached my goal yet!!!  I’m getting much closer, but it’s still a struggle!
So, like I’ve said before… I started out weighing 188 lbs… but there is no documentation of this.  The only “proof” I have is in the random pictures I have found of myself from that time period.


Here is a chart that I came across from October 2005 to December 2005



And another from December 2007 until August of 2008, 2011


I have always been a “list maker!”  I love nothing more than to “make a plan!”
Here are several calendars and “plans” I have made over the years…


BEFORE iPhone… I used to carry around a calendar in my purse and write down everything I ate…. to keep me on track.


I have also come across journal entries from back in the day.  I remember being so hard on myself.  So frustrated with myself that I NEVER thought it was possible to be where I am today.  Here is something I used to write in my records that I NEVER really thought would happen.  You can see in this pic that in my dreamworld, I would have been 147 lbs by Christmas.  I was currently 166.5 lbs… and this was taken in October 2005.  I ended up being 160.8 lbs for Christmas that year.  Not exactly 147…. but not exactly 166.5 either….


I think we need to recognize that it’s not going to happen over night.  And it’s not going to happen if you are stressing over every little thing.  You have to come to some sort of peace within yourself.  Be grateful for your life, your health, your family, and all the little successes along the way.  Over time, they add up and you will evolve into exactly the kind of person that you want to become…

…if you will ALLOW it to happen.
Photo on 3-4-13 at 11.00 PM