Give Up?

My son Kody loves to invent things… tinker with circuits… build… & use his imagination!



Last week, he took a seasonal Coke bottle from the grocery store and turned it into a “lighted globe”! I was so impressed! This was one of his most unique creations…..  We posted it to Facebook and smiled each time we got a “comment” or “like”! He loves to read what people say!



The next day… something went wrong with the circuit and it no longer worked. He tried to fix it over and over again, but the damage was permanent. Out of frustration he pulled it apart and crumpled the bottle. I could tell he was REALLY upset about it!



He had spent his own money on this project and he felt like he had WASTED $10. There wasn’t really anything I could do about the situation… but I tried to look for a teaching moment.



Because of my blog and my weight loss journey… my boys hear a lot about working out, losing weight, gaining weight, healthy recipes, cheat meals, etc… They’ve heard me talk about needing to “get back on track”…. or “my clothes are tight & I have nothing to wear”… etc. They are always the first ones to compliment me on my progress. They love me right now no matter what! They encourage me to keep trying and to never give up. So I used this opportunity to encourage him.

I told him how proud I am of him for always being so curious. For always thinking of FUN things to build. I told him that I recognize how hard he works to figure things out. I am so impressed daily by his imagination. I told him it would be REALLY sad if he quit. If he just gave up on himself. I know that he has it in him to fix this project. I told him Grandma wants a “lighted globe” for Christmas and I would help him!

I know it’s a simple story… and it’s not that profound… but I think there really is a lesson to be learned.

Sometimes “life” happens. You experience a setback… you get off course & things don’t go as planned. You get busy and distracted from your goals.


Remember this: