Ragnar Trail Relay Race

This summer I trained with a group of friends to run in the Ragnar Trail Relay Race.  It’s been a  while since I’ve participated in a big event and this one sounded so fun!! I’m not a big “camper” and I don’t necessarily like the great outdoors… but because it involved running I was up for it! The race consisted of 127.2 miles of challenging trails with a team of 8 runners over a 2 day period of time! Coming from the flat roads of Houston, I’m not sure I could have adequately prepared myself for the crazy terrain! There were so many rocks on the narrow trails that my friend Emiley wanted to rename the race to “ROCKNAR”… lol!

I was able to complete my 3 legs of the race and I had amazing experiences along the way. I wish I could go into all of them… but I’ll share one. At a certain point, I had to run approximately 5 miles in the middle of the night practically alone. I did pass about 5 or 6 people, but for the most part it was me and nature! Leading up to this part of the race, I was very nervous. During my time out on the course, I used a headlamp to guide me along the path. I had to pay very close attention to where I was running so I wouldn’t trip on a tree root or twist an ankle on the rocks. I couldn’t help but compare the challenge of this race to the trials we have in life.

Sometimes we don’t have the power to change what we are up against… and we can’t really see too far ahead as to how it will all work out… but if we take things slow and focus on one step at a time… we will be guided through the hard times and know the direction we need to go. I believe that my Heavenly Father was with me that night. I’m grateful for this very tangible experience where I felt his love for me in a very real way.