Restorative Weekend :)

My friend Tracey was very excited about this upcoming Wanderlust Yoga Festival that was going to be held in Austin, TX. She heard from a friend that it was simply “magical”! After talking about it a little bit, we decided it would make the perfect backdrop to a girl’s weekend. Up to this point, I still had not met her sister Laurie in person… she was a big part of connecting me to Health Magazine. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to this get away!



The weather was gorgeous!!! We enjoyed taking our time with each of the vendors… and seeing what they had to offer. I loved the people we met. Everyone was so friendly and genuine. The classes that we chose were perfect. We focused on relaxation, restoration, and meditation. These were all new to me and I learned so much about myself from each one.



Our meditation class took place on a rooftop of one of the yoga studios. It was one of the most powerful experiences. Funny side note… I have been using a yoga dvd at home and realized that the instructor from my dvd was leading the meditation class. She is passionate about demystifying the art of meditation… click on her site to see some of the amazing work she is doing. Ashley Turner

My husband also shared this link with me about meditation… a new study suggests that meditation can actually alter your body on a cellular level…. all pretty cool!



I love this quote! I walked away really wanting to focus on the positive attributes of others. It’s so easy to point out what annoys & frustrates us. The negative we see in others is what we don’t like about ourselves. It feels much better inside when we are looking for the good… the positive… and what I would refer to as the light of Christ in our friends and family.



As always… after a weekend away… it’s great to be back in Houston with my family.



Yesterday, I spent the day with Torry celebrating 19 years of marriage!  He said he thinks of it as celebrated “19 football seasons together”… LOL!  Maybe THIS is the year we will make it to the Super Bowl! 😉