When the family is eating pizza during the football games…. it’s hard not to get frustrated.  Especially when I’m trying to stay on track with my eating. Sure, there are times when it’s perfectly okay to indulge…. but I’ve been doing way too much of that lately.  Learning how to “maintain” my weight loss is a whole new ballgame….. sometimes I think I have it figured out, and other times I don’t.

One thing that I have to remind myself of is that it’s okay to substitute!  There are so many healthier versions of the things we love…  So when they were eating pizza… I made one of my turkey pepperoni tortilla pizzas.  It honestly tastes great and leaves me feeling good.  I just wish I could get them to love my pizza as much as I do!  :)



I love this part of an article I read once…  ”What would life be without all of the foods we love? Most of us have tried to deny ourselves favorite foods in order to lose weight. But denial can lead to weight-loss destruction, say the most successful losers among us. They’ve found long-term success by finding smart, satisfying stand-ins for unhealthy foods.”

The Hungry Girl ideas are awesome!  She has great single serve dessert ideas!  Here is one I have tried before and LOVED!!


Mississippi Mug Pie Recipe



Instead of getting annoyed and frustrated by all of the unhealthy options out there…..  substituting could be the answer.  It takes a little more effort, but it’s all worth it in the end.