Texas Marathon – New Year’s Day!

The marathon has come and gone! What a great race! We had such an awesome New Year’s Day. The racers included me, Torry, Reece, Linda, Courtney, Emily, Aimee, and Duane. The 26.2 mile course had four loops so we were all able to high five each other several times throughout the race. The weather was crisp and cool and the trees provided lots of shading. I couldn’t have asked for more! My running buddy from Marble Falls….. Denise…. joined me and helped “pace” me for over 15 miles!! (I think! I’m not exactly sure what mile she jumped in…) Our personal spectators included TONS of family and friends! (Nathan, Candace, Garrett, Mom, Dad, Ty, Kody, Carman, Devyn, Taylor, Jayde, Gabe, Tim, Windy, my BFF from HS Kellie, Denise and her Sis in Law, JeriLyn, Megan, Matt, London, Tim, Jennifer, Sommer, etc, etc!!) Thank you all so much for coming and cheering us on! You have no idea how much that helps and makes the race so much more fun!

My finishing time was 4:15, which I am very very happy about! I completed this race an hour faster than my first marathon!

And last, but not least……… THANKS TO NATHAN!!! He worked for hours and hours yesterday, and stayed up until 4am completing this marathon movie for me! I really appreciate everyone taking pictures and video clips! This is a day to remember!